Cornford Triple

Cornford Triple
(01 Feb 2011 14:09)

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to test a Cornford triple (model S3). I had seen pictures of it and read about it and thought that the assertions were probably exaggerated. Having been sold a DUD compensating double horn (East European) as a fledgling professional in Australia in the 70's, I have carried a personal life-long prejudice towards the compensating system. As well, I don't like the tuning arrangement in the lead-pipe for the high F side. Again because of unsatisfactory experiences.

Playing on this horn was a completely different story: excellent, predictable response; very stable when making crescendo or diminuendo; a full, rich sound; easy to play in tune; lies well in the hands and is surprisingly light weight.

The switchover valve levers travel very short distances. This triple also has a unique design and appearance.

All in all, an instrument well worth investigating if your are looking for a triple. And "NO!", I won't be switching from my Otto.