cor à cor

cor à cor

This release presents the following works:

György Ligeti: Trio for violin, horn and piano (1982)
Bernfried E.G. Pröve: Eclair for horn solo (1994/95)
Olivier Messiaen: Appell interstellaire: Modéré for horn solo (1971/74)
Gérard Grisey: Accords perdus for two horns (1978)
Giacinto Scelsi: Quattro pezzi for horn solo (1956)
Olivier Messiaen: Thème et variations for violin and piano (1932)

James Avery: Piano, Christian Ostertag: Violin, Christine Chapman and Andrew Joy: Horn


Horn and Organ / Pflüger

Horn and Organ

This CD features three works by Hans Georg Pflueger. We were fortunate to be able to record on the CALLINET organ (from 1835, restored 2002)in St André in Issenheim/Elsass. Andrew Joy used Dieter Ottos' triple, model nr. 185, for this recording.

Anton Bruckner / Symphony Nr 7 / Thomas Christian Ensemble

Anton Bruckner - Symphonie Nr. 7

Anton Bruckner

Symphonie Nr. 7
arranged for chamber ensemble.

Thomas Christian Ensemble

MDG 603 1313-2

Anton Bruckners' 7th Symphony arranged for salon orchestra? - Erwin Stein, Hanns Eisler und Karl Rankl, were the avantgard composers who pared away the orchestral colours from Bruckners monumental score in order to be able to perform and hear it themselves.


Classical Horn Concertos

Classical Horn Concertos

This 1998 released disc has won high critical acclaim. Singing, tuneful melodies are interspersed with frolicking virtuosity. The warm relaxing sounds from an era long past seduce the listener into carefree relaxation.

Dieter Ottos Bb/high F horn was Joy´s choice for this disc. (Modell 180 yellow brass)

Order Nr.: Capriccio 10 837

Horn Concertos

Horn Concertos

Embranced by the two well known concertos from the master of horn writing, Richard Strauss, this disc also includes two works from Schoeck and Pflüger that definitely deserve a wider audience.

Andrew Joy recorded this CD on a nickel-silver 166 N double-horn from Dieter Otto.

Order Nr.: Capriccio 10 443